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About DAIM

Technology valuation & Technology transfer

∙ Technology valuation

“Technology valuation for evaluating tangible values of intangible assets such as intellectual property is actively conducted
 to add the values to company assets and treat them as reference amounts in related trades.”

DAIMprovides technology valuation services that companies can practically utilize in technology transfer, technology security offers, and investments in kind through collective review of technical feasibility, marketability, and commercial viability.

∙ Technology transfer

“Promoting stable commercialization via introduction of technology from other companies or creating royalties
by transferring owned IP-related technology to other companies is one of the strategies worth considering in IP management.”

DAIMprovides services related to technology transfer in various aspects including forecast of dispute scenarios in the future based on overview of a company, analysis of number of filing cases and details about patent rights, negotiation of royalties, review of counterattack strategies, etc.