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About DAIM

IP Management Consulting

∙ Settle disputes related to intellectual property

With experience addressing disputes over intellectual property owned by companies and individuals,  DAIM uses claim confirmation trials, invalidation trials and patent litigation to find amicable solutions for various disputes related to intellectual property that occur in the normal course of business.

∙ Establish IP R&D strategy

The key industries in previous years have entered a stagnant growing phase, and the fourth industrial revolution will see rapid changes of which the speed of progress and ripple effects can hardly be compared to those of previous periods.

Through trend analysis of the technology market, discovery of promising technologies, and review of technology road maps and strategies, DAIM provides IP R&D strategy establishing services which can increase a company’s chances of success in the process of evolution of the industrial ecosystem, and strengthen competitiveness of the company.

∙ IP Education

For universities, public agencies, and private enterprises, DAIM   teaches about the overall patent system and provides education about various IP-related topics such as how to write a declaration of invention, how to do a patent search, how to analyze patent information, overseas patent systems, how to interpret claims, dispute cases and strategies, technology transfer and licensing. The education program is provided as visiting training customized to the level of training and practical areas of an applicant due to features of intellectual property combining the fields of technology and law.

∙ Others

Further, DAIM provides a variety of IP management assistance in the following:
- Organization of corporate provisional payments through capitalization of intellectual property, reduction of debt ratio, capitalization of surplus profit of enterprise into private assets for tax reduction, etc. 
- Consultation on establishment of compensation system for employee inventions, regulations of compensation, and related matters
- Creation of annual IP education program for researchers in company, and educational consulting
- Consultation for corporate-affiliated research institutions, venture companies, ISO, Inno-biz, Main-biz, Government Excellent Products, performance certificates, eco-friendly technology certificates, New Excellent Technology (NET), New Excellence Product (NEP)