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About DAIM

Protect intellectual property rights

∙ Registration of patents/trademarks/designs/copyrights

“Intellectual property (IP) is an essential right to protect the business of a company based on technology, and to prove and show technical skills and commercial viability.”
“Recently, there are an increasing number of companies who desire to obtain intellectual property including patents for not only protecting such technical skills but also advertising the technology of the company, applying for government tasks, making business contracts, etc.”

DAIM understands the demands of each company and establishes a customized IP protection strategy.  Based on years of experience in creating and utilizing IP for various companies and individuals,  DAIM completes an in-depth application and provides highly professional services related to establishing patents, trademarks, design patents, and copyrights that can provide a stable business background for a company.  DAIM also provides assistance related to businesses supported by the government for companies who are ready to commercialize their technology but suffer from the stringency of capital, as well as for startups filing patents for the first time, among others.

∙ Overseas filing (PCT/MADRID/HAGUE)

DAIM has built a network not only in the IP5 (South Korea, the United States, China, Japan, EU), but around the world including countries in East Asia such as Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, and even North and Central American countries such as Mexico and Canada, and South American countries including Columbia and Brazil. Let us use this to help you stably protect your patents, trademarks, and design patents in each country.