About DAIM

IP Law Firm DAIM

About DAIM

DAIMwas established with experts in various fields of practice who have gathered to provide more client-oriented services that our clients need.

DAIMconcentrates not only on ideas from clients and details of business, but also on the backgrounds that ideas stem from so that we can understand our clients’ needs more accurately.

The diverse services including consultation that we provide at DAIM help not only to obtain intellectual property rights for our clients, but also to give them a competitive edge in the market.

At DAIM, we are always growing with our clients.

Values completing DAIM

  • Experts

    DAIM has young talented experts. Our attorneys have experience in intellectual property rights for Korean and non-Korean conglomerates and know how to yield the best outcomes for our clients.

  • Creativity

    DAIM does not simply try to provide services related to intellectual property rights within a defined frame. What we are interested in is proposing creative and substantial results based on understanding the needs of our clients.

  • Listening

    DAIM attentively listens to the words of clients. The client is the center of all our effort and growth. We pursue continuous growth with our clients.